Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR), Latvia (

a) Type of body

Vidzeme planning region lies in the North East of Latvia and borders on Latgale planning region in the South East, Zemgale planning region in the South and Riga planning region in the West. Vidzeme planning region is the biggest of the planning regions according to its territory. It covers 15 257 km2 or 24% of the territory of Latvia.

Vidzeme planning region comprises the former district municipalities of Aluksne, Cesis, Gulbene, Madona, Valka and Valmiera. There are 25 local municipalities (novads) and one city - Valmiera. The population in the region is around 240 thousand.
b) General information

The Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) was established in 2006. The main goal of VPR is to ensure regional planning and coordination, as well as cooperation between municipalities and different governmental institutions. VPR provides planning services on national, regional and local level; it ensures regional and local level representation in elaboration of entrepreneurship, employment and social policies. VPR mission is to coordinate and promote long-term and well-balanced development of the Vidzeme region by providing effective services to local inhabitants, NGOs, entrepreneurs and municipalities.

VPR services at regional level:
1. Ensuring the planning - organization and implementation of territorial development planning at the regional level, involving all stakeholders; issuing judgements on local planning documents;
2. Representation of interests - representation of the regional development interests on the national and international levels;
3. Support to development and partnership - organizing cooperation events, providing consultations, organizing project competitions, involvement of other regions and foreign partners, implementation of projects for local governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs and other groups;
4. Provision of information – compiling statistical information, management of different kinds of research, compiling and publishing information on various current issues;
5. Coordinating the work of local governments - promoting cooperation of local authorities by organizing events and ensuring successful work of the Development Council;
6. Implementation of specific functions - strategy for the period - public transport planning in the region.
c) Vidzeme Planning Region in GRISI PLUS

VPR can contribute to the project by sharing experiences gained in completed or ongoing projects. VPR cooperates with the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences to develop regional scenarios, rural development models and geomatics good practices. This knowledege can be transferred to other partners. VPR also participates actively in Innovation Circle Network for small and medium-sized local and regional municipalities. Through this Network the project achievements can be disseminated throughout the Northern part of Europe. VPR  hosted the study visit and presented  its experience regarding territorial attractiveness  and two good practices.
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