Tartu Science Park (TSP) – Estonia (www.sciencepark.ee)

a) Type of body

The Tartu Science Park (TSP) is a regional technology development agency established in 1992. Its main objective is the creation of favourable environment for the emergence and development of technology and knowledge-intensive business activities and competitive clusters.
b) General information

The incubation services, mostly offered to high-potential projects (biotechnology, ICT and nanotechnology), are accompanied by business consultations and innovation support schemes like participation in EU technology transfer and innovation support networks (EEN). Start-up of innovative entrepreneurship is also encouraged through its thematic business networks that promote and consolidate technological advancement and entrepreneurial initiative at local, regional and national level.
c) Tartu Science Park in GRISI PLUS

TSP foresees the following key benefits from participating in GRISI PLUS project:
  • Large proportion of the area in Tartu County consists of rural areas. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn from partners experience in promoting the attractiveness of rural areas;
  • Raised awareness of GIS technologies and its applications, especially among local municipalities;
  • Partners' experience in promotion of local products by utilizing tools of geolocalization.

TSP is the responsible partner for Component 3 „Exchange of experience dedicated to the identification and analysis of good practices“ in GRISI PLUS project. TSP will bring to the consortium more then 15 years of experience with EU projects and regional development.
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