Sinergija Development Agency Ltd (RAS) – Slovenia (

a) Type of body

Sinergija Development Agency, a non-profit Ltd., was established in 1998 as a local development agency for 11 municipalities and is responsible for their development project preparation and execution. With a highly skilled and educated staff, the Agency provides municipalities with know-how, experience, project ideas, solutions, proposals, information, data, etc.
b) General information

The agency is also involved in projects in the frame of RES & RUE and prepares projects and proposals for municipalities and other partners, such as Chamber of Craft, Energy Cluster, etc. Some of those are: “Establishment of Local Energy Agency”, “Introduction of possibilities of using geothermal water in economic sectors and households infrastructures”, educational and informational projects. The Agency is also involved in Regional Development plan and its special task under RES & RUE programme in region.

On a regional level there is organized cooperation, actions and measures mainly in the field of using biomass for heating of private and public buildings, exploration of waste thermal water, modernization of buildings and technology in industry, usage of biogas in larger farms and promotion of biodiesel. The production of biodiesel and biogas is also important for the agricultural sector.

Sinergija prepares RES & RUE projects and programmes, as well as development plans also for solar energy exploration in households and encourages some innovative approaches, research and development by local innovators. We assist entrepreneurs, who want to develop RES production, such as biodiesel, biomass and biogas, by construction and development of such plants.

Sinergija is a project leader and the main implementation body for establishment of Local Energy Agency for Pomurje region. Sinergija is a holder of BISE process in Slovenia and a leading organization by initiative for establishment of Slovenian Energy Sustainable Municipalities (SESaM.)

Sinergija Development Agency has prepared or was or is partner or support institution to many projects. The most recent projects are projects of development, pilot project and projects which are ensuring employment and new jobs in development coalition of 11 municipalities in Pomurje Region.

As partner or /and applicant:
  • Creation of new energy management Region (Sweden), the Pomurje region (Slovenia), The Region of Burgas and the Municipality of Dobrich (Bulgaria), 2004-2007, supported by EU Intelligent Energy – Europe programme - Project holder for Pomurje Region;
  • Co-beneficiary by the IEE Programme project RESINBUIL (Grant Agreement – EIE/05/210/S12.420236);
  • Energy-Road, setting up of international (Austria-Slovenia) specialized demonstration and educational path /road of good practices of using renewable energy sources, 2001-2002, supported by EU Interreg IIIA programme, Austria-Slovenia;
  • Pilot activities in the frame of Special Preparatory Programme for Structural Funds (SL-9804) and PNDP – design and execution of the project “New business (infra) structures in the role of stimulating the economic restructuring of rural areas in Pomurje region”, 2000-2001, Supported by EU Phare programme – pilot project on using of geothermal energy in agriculture /vegetables production;
  • Refinery for biodiesel and reproduction of waste oil form local households, Spas, hotels and guest houses, 2004, private initiative;
  • Support with promotion of wood biomass usage, 2002-2005 in the frame of local, regional and national initiative and seeking for credits and financial sources for private sector;
  • Energy consulting encouragement for households, SMEs and other public and private institutions and development of energy accounting, Agency initiative, 2003-today;
  • Setting up of local development coalition; setting up and management of the Local Development Agency for the sub-region (local development coalition of 11 Municipalities) in Pomurje region, 1996, local initiative with support of national partners, Municipality of Moravske Toplice and other municipalities of 'Sinergija' Local Development Coalition;
  • Building up and management of local development fund of Beltinci municipality and of Development fund of municipalities of 'Sinergija' Local Development Coalition, 1996;
  • Building up and management of local development foundation of Pomurje, 2006.
  • Mura river Mill-alliance, 2001-2002, supported by Phare CBC Small Project Fund Slo-A.

As support institution:
  • Preparing of Development programme - strategy of Goricko municipalities
  • Preparing of the Regional Development Strategy in the Tri-D Border Region Slovenia-Austria-Hungary,
  • Investing in health and development in Pomurje region – main (cover) implementation movement for key execution projects in Pomurje region
  • Development of model for transfer of good practices “Development of entrepreneurship /entrepreneurial ideas on countryside”, 2002, supported by PCMG /SBDC;
  • Comprehending our neighbours, 1999-2001, supported by Phare CBC Small Project Fund Slo-H-A.
c) Development Agency Sinergija in GRISI PLUS

Sinergija is in GRISI PLUS project responsible partner for Component 2 „Communication and dissemination“. We see in GRISI PLUS project new opportunities for development of rural areas of Pomurje region through the use of geomatic tools.
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