Regional Development Agency of Usti Region, PLC (RDAUR) – Czech Republic (

a) Type of body

The Regional Development Agency of Usti Region, PLC (RDA UR) is an organisation for support and co-ordination of economic and social development of the Ústí Region. It is designed on the same basis as development agencies successfully operating in EU member states. The goals, structure and a range of activities of the Agency are tailored to the regional conditions and environment. RDA UR is also an experienced partner in the field of international projects management.

The RDA UR was established as a Public Limited Corporation by organisations from the region's public and business sector in 1994. After establishment of the Ústí Region (2001) the ownership structure of the agency was adapted to a participation of the Region (majority shareholder at present time), municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Agriculture, Trade Unions and a university.

b) General information

The RDA is the host organisation of the regional Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which is a part of the European Commission's international network of EEN's and is a member of the European Association of Regional Agencies (EURADA) and the Czech Association of Regional Development Agencies (CARA).

The RDAUR has long term experience in projects for the development of the countryside, of individual municipalities and their associations, and it cooperates with the School of Restoration of Countryside, which is a non-governmental organisation settled in the Usti Region. The RDAUR has worked on plenty of documents and projects for municipalities in rural areas, mainly in the field of local tourism or infrastructure development. With the knowledge acquired from the project, it will be able to influence the rural policy of the region and municipalities by information of the Ustí Region, and its organisations and municipalities and their associations.

c) Regional Development Agency of Usti Region

The RDAUR knows the needs of villages in rural areas and is an active player of rural development in the region. It has important experience in the promotion of local products linked to a specific territory. It will host a study visit to share a good practice on how to attract visitors and tourists in an area thanks to the promotion of a traditional product, the Czech beer produced in the Žatec region on the basis of a special sort of hop. RDAUR is particularly interested in other partners' good practices to increase the attractiveness of rural isolated territories.
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