Regional Development Agency Centru (ADRC) – Romania (

a) Type of body

Centru Region is one of the 8 development regions of Romania established in 1988, in accordance with the Romanian Law of Regional Development. Centru Region is situated in the centre of Romania, partially overlapping the historic province Transylvania and is composed of 6 counties: Alba, Brasov, Mureş, Covasna, Harghita and Sibiu.

Centru Region is represented in the frame of the GRISI PLUS project by the Regional Development Agency Centru (RDA Centru), a non-government, non-profit organization of public utility, operating in the field of regional development. The activity of RDA Centru focuses on two main dimensions:

b) General information

1. Monitoring and implementation of European and national programmes. Since 2007, RDA Centru is the Intermediate Body for the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 in Centru Region. ROP 2007-2013 is financed by the European Commission through the ERDF and supports actions in the following sectors: urban development, business development infrastructure, transport infrastructure, tourism, social services and education.

2. Regional Planning. RDA Centru is involved in the elaboration of the Regional Development Plan as well as other regional and national planning and programming documents such as: The Regional Plan for Environment Protection, The Regional Action Plan for Waste Managements, The Regional Action Plan for Education, The Regional Action Plan for Employment, The Regional Operational Program and other sectoral operational programs. Besides planning activities, RDA Centru participates, as coordinator, beneficiary or partner in several development projects tackling different priority sectors such as: rural development, renewable energies, demographic change, support for SMEs, education, training and human resources development.

c) Regional Development Agency Centru in GRISI PLUS

One of our goals, for several years now, is to improve the use of geomatic tools in the regional development, planning and programming process. In this respect, the GRISI PLUS project represents for us a real added value. Our interest focuses especially on the analysis and identification of those best practices that can be successfully shared and transferred to and from our partners. We are also strongly considering the second dimension of this project which is the improvement of rural attractiveness. The area of Centru Region includes vast rural areas administrated through 356 communes and 1784 villages; therefore our rural development potential is huge and still not fully capitalized. In this matter GRISI PLUS can be a good source of inspiration in designing, developing, or implementing new policies, programmes and projects that could lead to rural revitalization and improved attractiveness.

You are kindly invited to find more about our region and organization by visiting our website at:
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