National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) – Bulgaria (

a) Type of body

National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) was established on December 11, 1996. All 264 municipalities in Bulgaria are members of NAMRB.

The Association is a legal non-profit entity created under the Law on Local Government and Local Administration and the Law for Non-Profit entities. It operates on a voluntary principle and on principles of equality of its members.

b) General information

Our goal is to develop a strong, effective local government in favor of its citizens.

Our mission is to be:
  • "The Voice" of municipalities in Bulgaria, centre for services for the municipal administration and promoter of international contacts;
  • Representative and defender of the interests of local authorities under the legal powers of NAMRB;
  • Corrective of the central government, as we develop and defend proposals for better regulation of local government.
NAMRB’s activity is focused on three main areas:

1.  Representation of municipalities with the central government: research, analysis, evaluation and development of proposals for change and improvement of policy on local government; lobbying;

2.  Support to municipalities in executing their powers: studying of municipal opinions and developing consensus positions and strategies; providing a wide range of consulting services and training programs; issuing thematic and advisory guides; providing its own training centre for municipalities; consultancy as regards EU and donor project implementation.

3.  Participation in Bulgarian and international forums; and organizational strengthening of NAMRB

c) National Association of Municipalities in GRISI PLUS

The participation in GRISI + will allow NAMRB to gain useful experience as regards best practices in the use of geomatics and ICT for the purposes of rural development. This will be in tune with the association’s efforts to constantly improve Bulgarian rural development policies and keep abreast of developments elsewhere in Europe.
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