Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LPS), Latvia (

a) Type of body

The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) is a public organisation associating local and regional go­vernments of the Republic of Latvia on voluntary basis. It was founded in December 1991. Today, in accordance with the article 96 of the law "On Self-Governments", the LALRG has authority to represent municipalities in the negotiations with the Ca­binet of Ministers as the LALRG associates more than a half of all types of municipalities. The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments is the only municipal organization of such level in Latvia.
b) General information

Main objectives:
  • development of self-government politics in Latvia;
  • solving of self-government problems;
  • protection of self-government interests.

  • to represent the LALRG and its members ' interests and to defend their right to public power and public administration institutions;
  • develop LALRG views Latvian municipal politics, according to the Government, the unions and Union proposals;
  • to promote the cooperation between the local authorities and their associations and unions;
  • to provide authorities with the necessary information and services;
  • organize members and local staff training;
  • to promote municipal employees ' social protection;
  • to promote business creation of common local interest issues;
  • to promote cooperation with local authorities and their organizations abroad;
  • to represent the Association and its members ' interests in the European Union, the Council of Europe and other international institutions representing the interests of the municipality;
  • organize local information processing system for uniform principles.

c) Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments in GRISI PLUS

LPS joined the GRISI PLUS project because:

As one of the LPS objectives is to defend the interests and various objectives of local governments GRISI PLUS is one of the ways how it could be done. The project offers many different activities, which can be overtaken and included in the local government’s agenda. Participation in this project helps local governments to innovate their working environment and learn from other regions in solving various problems. In the 21st century information exchange is essential, therefore GRISI PLUS improves information exchange between the regionalism an important way by exchanging best practises in developing territories using geomatic tools.

Within the framework of the project, LPS will elaborate the geomatics portrait, identify best practices in Latvia and introduce them to other project partners. Moreover, LPS will examine best practices offered by other partners, examine them from the point of view of Latvian local governments and consider implementation of those practices at local level. During the project lifetime, LPS will organize steering committee meetings, best practice workshop and geomatics seminar in Latvia, gathering experts from project partner countries and local stakeholders.
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