Larnaca District Development Agency (ANETEL), Cyprus (

a) Type of body

The Larnaca District Development Agency (ANETEL) was an initiative of the Union of Communities of Larnaca. It is a non-profit organization founded on the 16 October 2003 upon the models of the development structures and mechanisms that function in the European Union and it’s activities are focused mainly in Larnaca District. The status of the Agency is: Public Equivalent Body. The Agency represents all the 6 Municipalities of the district of Larnaca, of almost all of the 45 free Communities of the district of Larnaca, the local Commercial Industrial Chamber of Larnaca, the Women Association of Rural Larnaca, some Cooperative Organizations of the district of Larnaca, the Union of Communities of Larnaca (in which members are all the Community Boards of the district of Larnaca), Municipalities and Communities of the free District of Famagusta and KENTHEA-the centre for prevention of drugs etc .
b) General information

The main objective of the agency is to provide support services to its stakeholders for making use of European resources and participate in European programs in order to implement the goals and visions of its stakeholders. Larnaca District Development Agency is an active partner and supporter to the public and private sector and operates in a rational combination for community service, entrepreneurship and management of high-level requirements of integrated development with transparency and efficiency. Throughout the years the Agency has implemented many European Projects.
c) Larnaca District Development Agency in GRISI PLUS

Larnaca District Development Agency joined the GRISI PLUS project because of several reasons but mainly because:
  • Large proportion of the District of Larnaca consists of rural areas. Therefore, it is important to promote rural attractiveness and through GRISI PLUS it can be achieved.
  • GIS technologies are very important nowadays but are not yet very popular in Cyprus especially to the benefit of the public. We believe that GRISI PLUS can bring a positive change.

ANETEL will work hard in order to fulfill all project requirements in order to bring the above mentioned changes.
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