Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GERS CCI) - France (
(Teleparc geomatic center)

The Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI, was founded in 1900. It is a public institution under French law located in Midi-Pyrénées Region. Its main missions are:
  • To foster the economic and territorial development of the Gers province, which is the most rural province in France (15% of employment in Gers is linked to agriculture activities).
  • To promote local economic activities
  • To represent and to animate the network of 7500 SMEs situated in the Gers province with respect to their activities in trade, industry, public procurements and services.

In 1997 in the frame of the RISI initiative (Regional Information Society Initiative), the CCI developed a consensual action plan seeking to integrate rural areas in the information society. Geomatics applications were the keystone of the action plan to develop the territory. The CCI was the first organisation in France to develop the concept of Technology Park and to develop European projects in Geomatics. The »Teleparc« geomatic centre ( consists of a R&D department specialised in Geotraceability, a department of initial training in Geomatics in cooperation with the Paul Sabatier University, and an Incubator (BIC Gers Gascony for companies providing Geomatic services).

The CCI is ISO 9001 certified by AFNOR certification for all its activities and it has a recognition certificate « EFQM Excellence, 5 stars » (European Foundation for quality Management)

Furthermore, the Gers CCI coordinated the SOHO SOLO project whose goal was to develop the attractiveness of rural areas to attract new active people working at distance by Internet. It has been well implemented and it produced significant results: 350 Solos have been hosted in Gers, bringing new wealth and skills.

In the frame of the GRISI PLUS project, the Gers CCI will organize a geomatic seminar, a methodology workshop and will host a study visit, where the SOHO SOLO good practice will be shown. It will benefit from the good practices transfer regarding:
  • promotion of local products since it is interested in enriching its actions for the promotion of local products under the “Gers” brand and following the »One Village One Product« principle.
  • the Pilot Scheme for Rural Resettlement of the WRA to enrich the SOHO SOLO programme.

The Gers CCI will work in close collaboration with the Midi Pyrénées Region since the Gers CCI is one of the main public bodies implementing regional policies in geographical information. It will also lead Component 1 (Management and Coordination) and its actions.

Finally, the Gers CCI has a rich experience in coordination and participation in EU and national projects:
  • Research projects of the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes: »GeoTraceAgri« , »GTIS CAP«, »PETER« and »GeoFairTrade«, where geomatics was used to certify the geographical origin of food products.
  • National research project: »Geowine« for the certification of the geographic origin of local wine.
  • Regional project »CRIGEOS« aiming the coordination of geographic data and Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Midi Pyrénées region.
  • INTERREG cooperation projects:
    • PYRED 1, PYRED 2 (IIIA): creation of a transborder territorial identity to develop the exchanges among companies thanks to Geomatics
    • In RED LOCAL PLAN (IIIB) the CCI transferred its best practices of its Geomatics strategy
    • SOHO SOLO (IIIB): development of the attractiveness of rural areas
    • GRISI (IIIC) aimed at capitalizing previous INTERREG projects. A Geomatics dimension was given to them thanks to the geolocalisation of their databases.
    • CREA BUSINESS IDEA and CREA NET 2.0 (IVB): fostering creativity in SMEs
    • E-INCORPORATE (IVB): promotion of the NTIC in SMEs and teleworkers
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