Galway County Council (GCC), Ireland (

a) Type of body

Galway County Council (GCC), Ireland
Galway County Council is the local authority for the County of Galway in the West of Ireland. It is responsible for the following public services
  • Housing, Emergency, Roads and Transportation
  • Corporate and Cultural, Planning and Sustainable Development
  • Community, Enterprise and Economic Development
  • Environment, Veterinary and Water Services

b) General information

It has responsibilty for the County of Galway which has a population of 170,000 persons spread over a large geographic area. A majority of the population live in rural areas and small villages with a population of less than 200 persons. The largest urban centre in the County is Tuam with a population of 6,500 persons. The County has a large coastal area facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mission Statement of Galway County Council is to deliver Local Authority Services for County Galway which enhance the economic, social and cultural life of the citizens.

To achieve this objective Galway County Council undertakes a range of initiatives from investing in infrastructure, providing a broad range of services and financing community initiatives. Ensuring that County Galway remains an excellent location to live and do business is a fundamental aim of the work of Galway County Council and the local authority is achieving this through the development of infrastructure and fostering of local enteprise in the region. The Galway region is a cluster for ICT sector and the local authority is working with industry to facilitate further growth. Tourism is also a key element of the economy in the County and Galway County Council has a range of initiatives that support the development of this sector. Developing local Craft and Food production are particular areas that the Council is focusing on in recent years in order to create more employment opportunities based on local skills and resources.

Galway County Council has a long history of participating in EU projects through Interreg, ERDF capital projects, as well as the LIFE programme
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