Dissemination event in Latvia, organized by VPR

28th of November 2013

On 28th of November 2013 Vidzeme Planning Region’s Grisi PLUS team organized seminar named Attractiveness of space – one of the top issues in every municipality” to local municipality specialists about attractiveness of space. One of the topics discussed in seminar was site marketing, which includes availability of services and infrastructure as well as communication. According to lecturer, last one mentioned can be considered as the most important because sometimes story well told is more attractive than one paved street.

Same idea was confirmed by leader of one of the municipalities in Vidzeme Planning Region (Mazsalaca). For the last three years this municipality has started initiative - Festival of vintage bicycles because famous Erenpreiss bicycle manufacturer family is from there. With right kind of communication now festival is getting bigger and more recognizable which results in rising attractiveness and overall recognition of this space. 

Further followed information about Grisi PLUS main activities and results achieved. Project expert introduced two best practices – “Soho Solo” and “Made in Galway”. For these two practices Implementation plan is being developed and after it’s done these practices could be easily transferred to Vidzeme Planning Region municipalities.

At the end of the seminar it was time to be creative and participated in workshop. Participants split into groups and developed innovative ideas on how to attract new people, tourists and investors in rural areas. Main idea of the workshop was to come up with ideas to benefit municipality which hadn’t representative in the group. This way some municipalities gained new perspective on their assets which maybe should be highlighted more.

Participants admitted that after the seminar they were full of new ideas on how to make their municipality more attractive. Everything is possible because each and every space has its own unique potential, all you have to do is find it and make the best out of it.

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Project Partners

The GRISI PLUS project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.
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