GRISI PLUS presented at Geomatics event in the fair Polis at Thessaloniki, Greece

22nd of November 2013

The seminar of project GRISI+ was organized by ‘TIEE-SI’ on 22 November 2013, in the framework of the ‘Polis’ pan-hellenic expo (at the premises of the International Expo of Thessaloniki).


Thirty persons in total were present, coming from municipalities, private companies involved with Geographic Information Systems, young farmers and citizens.


Christos Arabatzis, President of ‘TIEE-SI’, gave the opening speech asking a series of questions about the value of Geomatics for rural attractiveness. 


Following Mr Arabatzis, Apostolos (Alkis) Kalliantzidis, local coordinator of project GRISI+ analyzed its goals and achievements. 


The seminar went on with a joint presentation on the various uses of Geomatics, with an emphasis on the countryside, by Adonis Kontos, expert and president of MARATHON DATA.


The closing speech was given by Evangelos Vassiliadis, responsible for Agricultural Information Systems. The topic was Geomatics in farms - «i-FARMA».


A Q&A session and a productive dialogue among speakers and participants follwed, coordinated by journalist Dimitrios Michailides who distributed summaries of the best practices included in project GRISI+.


It is worth noting that the meeting achieved wide media coverage in the Greek press and the internet.  

pdfArticles_on_Geomatics_Polis_at_Thessaloniki_2013 (.pdf 16KB)



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Project Partners

The GRISI PLUS project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.
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