Agenda for the GRISI PLUS Final Conference

9th October 2014, 8:30 – 16:30

Venue: Terme Vivat, Ulica ob igrišču 3, 9226 Moravske Toplice, Slovenia


S e s s i o n  1


Registration of participants (30 min)



Welcome and Opening (35 min)

- Mr. Stanislav Sraka, Razvojna agencija Sinergija, Slovenia (15 min) 

- Mrs. Verena Priem, INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat (20 min)





GRISI PLUS project - main results and achievements (15 min)

- Mr. Michel Debord, Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France



A few good practices to develop European rural areas (part 1) (70 min)


Made in Galway, website: http://www.madeingalway.ie/

- Mr. Brian Barret, Galway County Council, Ireland (23 min)

The project Made in Galway involves establishing an online directory of local products that are produced in the region so that local consumers and international visitors can locate locally produced crafts and services. The main objective was to provide a single portal that identified the wide range of products that are produced in the region so that the consumer is better informed about making a choice to shop locally. An important objective was increasing the international awareness of Galway as a region for the production of quality food and crafts.


Mura-Drava.bike, website: http://www.mura-drava.eu/en/

-   Mr. Romeo Varga, Regional Development Agency Mura, Slovenia (23 min)

The project, whose primary purpose is the development of cycling tourism in the region and supporting the development of service activities, will expand the existing Austrian cycle paths along the Mura and Drava and establish a new cross-border tourist destination on the European touristic map. The overall objective of the project is  to ensure  the sustainable economic and social development in the border area of Slovenia and Croatia. Project Mura-Drava.bike will have positive effects on economic growth, on reducing emigration and the creation of a pleasant and stimulating environment.


Geo Wine, website: http://www.geowine.net/en

-  Mr. Juan Manuel Mora Rey, Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France 

(24 min)

-  Geowine is a research and development project combining Geomatics and viticulture, whose objectives are to better fight counterfeiting and to develop a partnership between research and companies who together strive to develop a new innovative product linking "geotraceability« and »authentication". This innovative development is a source of new added value for businesses. Thanks to this project consumers can get information about the geographic origin and production of the wine bottles they buy, on their smartphones and tablets.




Coffee break + networking session (30 min)


S e s s i o n  2



A few good practices to develop European rural areas (part 2) (40 min)


Soho-Solo, website: http://www.soho-solo-gers.com/en  (20 min)


-  Mr. Juan Manuel Mora Rey,  Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

The SOHO SOLO programme provides solutions to issues such as: (a) how to attract new inhabitants in a rural region by taking profit of city-dwellers' wishing to move to the countryside; (b) how to motivate tourists to move to a rural place they visit and telework thanks to the Information and Communication Technologies; and (c) how to motivate rural municipalities so they implement hosting practices which make newcomers' integration easier.


Philoxenia Plus, capitalization MED programme,  website:


-  Mr. Darko Fercej, E-zavod, Slovenia (20 min)

The general objective of Philoxenia Plus programme is to capitalize on the experiences of Philoxenia Plus partners so that better methods and best practices can be transfered: (a) providing methodological support to further professionalize local stakeholders and the enhance the efficiency of territorial strategies; (b) facilitating and encouraging the emergence of new economic activities, innovation and performance by using tools and approaches which welcome  new active people/new populations; and promoting local products in order to ensure sustainable development.




The results of the Good practices Implementation (20 min)


-  Mr. Vaido Mikheim, Tartu Science Park, Estonia




Synergies of INTERREG IVC projects (60 min)


Project GRISI PLUS, website: http://www.grisiplus.eu/home/ (15 min)

-   Mr. Michel Debord, Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France


Project ICER, website: www.icerproject.eu (15 min)

-   Mr. Franc Gönc, Regional Development Agency Mura, Slovenia


Project DANTE, website: http://danteproject.eu/ (15 min)

-   Mrs. na Savšek, Development Centre Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia


Results of capitalising rural development INTERREG IVC projects, (15 min)

website: http://www.interreg4c.eu/ruraldevelopment/

-   Mrs. Marie-Jose Zondag, ECORYS, The Netherlands




Lunch + networking session (75 min)


S e s s i o n  3



Round table discussion: »Using Geomatics for a More Attractive Countryside«

 (90 min)

-   Mr. Dalibor Radovan, Geodetic institute of Slovenia, Slovenia

-   Mrs. Anka Lisec, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Slovenia

-   Mr. Atis Treimanis, Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

-   Mrs. Elena Kotsapa, Larnaca District Development Agency, Cyprus

-   Mrs. Saša Kek, Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia




Perspectives of the conference and future possibilities from the GRISI PLUS project (15 min)

-  Mr. Michel Debord, Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France



End of the conference

Project Partners

The GRISI PLUS project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.
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