Expected results

The GRISI PLUS project seeks to achieve the following qualitative results through partners' work:
  • The project results are successfully communicated to public policymakers and citizens of partner regions. Awareness of key decision-makers on the topics tackled is raised and project results are disseminated to 42 other institutions in partners' countries. The results are perennial after the project end by being present in existing online media in each partner region
  • 5 good practices are successfully transferred and 13 public policies are influenced and improved. 42 staff members involved directly in the project acquire increased capacities in the fields of geographic information and economic development of rural areas. Each partner area will describe the way it will implement the GRISI PLUS good practices in the long term by elaborating implementation plans. The good practices identified and analyzed by the partners will also be published in a good practice guide available in several languages.
  • A well-managed project respecting the “ISO” quality approach and the IVC procedures, and which presents no financial irregularities and no major conflicts between the partners

Project Partners

The GRISI PLUS project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.
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