About project

GRISI PLUS - Geomatics Rural Information Society Initiative PLUS – started in January 2012 and is a 3-year project supported by the EU’s European Regional Development fund within the INTERREG IVC programme. The project lasts 36 months, from January 2012 to December 2014.

Nowadays, rural areas face various stakes: aging and declining population, poor local economy, isolation, lack of use of the ICT, lack of infrastructures, inertia regarding innovation... To address these issues, GRISI PLUS wants to introduce a new modernity in EU rural areas, mainly based on the results achieved in the development and implementation of geomatics tools within the GRISI project (Interreg 3C) and welcoming practices under the SOHO SOLO project (Interreg 3B).

GRISI PLUS aims at improving the effectiveness and enriching economic development policies in rural areas by increasing the use of geographical information and geomatics tools (Information Society approaches and practices) to give decision-support tools to public key players and policymakers. To achieve this goal, partners will exchange experience, identify and transfer good practices in 2 domains related to their common issues for the revitalization of rural territories:

  • Development of the attractiveness of rural territories to attract new inhabitants. The latter will be able to telework (work at distance) thanks to the New ICT. These new inhabitants bring new skills and wealth, are concerned by the environmental protection and they contribute in maintaining proximity services. They thus contribute in reinforcing territorial cohesion, developing employment and increasing competitiveness in EU
  • Promotion of local tangible and intangible products

GRISI PLUS gathers 14 partners from 11MS of the North, South, East and West areas, thus covering widely the EU territory. The partnership includes Regions, Provinces, Associations of municipalities and territorial development agencies to consider different territorial levels and their competences. A balance between more and less experienced partners is kept to ensure win-win cooperation for all rural territories. All partners participated actively in the preparation and the majority will play a crucial role in the project execution.

Project Partners

The GRISI PLUS project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme.
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